The Cutting Board for the Modern Foodie

The Hultzzzy bamboo cutting board is designed for anyone who uses their phone or tablet in the kitchen.


Created specifically for those who are TIRED of the ENDLESS COOKING CYCLE of looking for a safe place to put their phone/tablet as you follow your favorite recipe, watch a how-to video on YouTube, or binge on Netflix.  


Our cutting board creates an easy, no-mess kitchen experience. Leave your phone/tablet in the secure media slot as you chop and dice, sliding your prepped ingredients into one of the three included drop-in prep bowls that make your trips from prep to pan a breeze!

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Cutting Board Features (1).png

"Never look for a clean place to put your phone again!"

-Brianna I.

"Love cooking along on YouTube!"

-Dave C.

"The perfect gift for just about anyone!"

-Brittany S. 

"No more mess transferring my prep to pan!"

-Katie H.